In and Out of Bangalore

After Rajasthan I did travel a little, but I was stuck in Mumbai for a really long time and my mind was in a desperate need for change. Bangalore (yet another city) was where I though I would find some change, and so I left Mumbai with a little money and high hopes of settling in Bangalore for a couple of months.


I was wrong.

Bangalore did not help me at all, I felt nothing different and I found no inspiration to pursue my photography. I do agree that I did not experience the life in Bangalore, I felt it is like Mumbai in Kannada but with a hell lot of traffic. One fine day, I left for Lalbagh Botanical Gardens and it took more than an hour to filter through the hardly moving traffic on a bike!

When I finally got there it was a treat, it is well maintained by Indian standards and while most of the attractions and nurseries were shut during my visit I still enjoyed my time in the park.

The other thing which I like in Bangalore was the pubs and micro-breweries. If you like beer, Bangalore is a great place to visit. The drinks are not very expensive and there is a variety of good delicious food available in most parts of the city.

That is all I have to say about Bengaluru, I did not like it much but then I do not like most cities.


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