Ooty (Udhagamandalam) is not just for Honeymooners

After running away from Bangalore I made my way to Ooty (Udhagamandalam) which is a beautiful hill station in the Nilgiri Mountain Ranges. It is also the district capital of Nigiri district in Tamil Nadu. While it is a native land to the Toda people, it later came under the rule of East India Company and has cherished by the British for its charm and quite.

SONY DSCMany things are a lot different in Ooty right now, while do you see some British architecture, the city is now mainly dominated uneven houses in different colors running up the hills. There is not even a hint of organized architecture, but it looks beautiful nonetheless.

One can have long walks in and around the city to get a better view of the landscape, however if you plan to go further I recommend you do a taxi tour which costs 1,400 Indian rupees for the most basic tour which lasts for 5-6 hours. I got went to most of the places by bus, but also did a customized taxi tour as I was interested in taking photos than visiting the tourist attractions around Ooty.

The food in Ooty is cheap, but there is not much variety or at least that is what I felt. Affordable accommodation options are available, but there are not many in this category. I stayed at the YWCA Hostel where I paid 500 Indian rupees a day for a cozy room and a huge bathroom in a cottage.

I will share my experience and expenses in detail in a different post. Ooty is an amazing destination with many things to do, it is the queen of the mountains and those love mountains should come pay their respects.


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