The boy who likes to dance

This story is of another child named Rahul and I met him in my home city, the city which never sleeps – Mumbai. I was with a friend, who also happens to capture brilliant photographs for a living. I met him at the Churchgate Railway Station, sometime early in the morning before the first local train begins its journey up north.

Well, me and Indra (he is the friend I mentioned before) decided to wanted to capture some street photographs in the night and we took a train to Churchgate, while. We spent a few hours walking around, clinking pictures of the silent streets in the night and then the busy Marine Drive. 

As we walked back to the train station, the last train had left just a few minutes before our arrival and we were stuck there for a few more hours. I want to get to Rahul as fast as I can, so let me try and finish this in the next sentence. We then walked around a bit more, had something to eat and just at outside Churchgate station for the first local train and it was here that we met Rahul.

He was a eccentric character at the railway station, he seemed the people who had made the station their home and when he saw the camera with us he got really excited and came right at us asking whether we can take his photograph and “send it to the internet.”

I did what he asked and then we spent rest of the time talking to him. I asked some a few questions and what I learned is that he loves to dance and wants to be a Bollywood movie star when he grows up. He also told me that he is learning dance from a guy (he just referred to him as ‘Sir’) who teaches dance for free to all the street kids and that when he grows up he too will teach children to dance, but will charge money for it.

I think he already was a star, all the people knew him, he had this very unique style and attitude, he made all the people who missed the last train laugh and also entertained them with a few acrobatic dance moves.

I do not know where he came from but he seemed to belong there. In a city like Mumbai there are many such stories and I hope his story is one about success.

Do check out Indra’s work on his Facebook Page, it is not travel but he combines art and fashion in a very unique way.


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