Things to do when in Kochi, Kerala

Kochi is a city in India in the southern state of Kerala and it is a part of the Ernakulam district. A major port city of the south western coast of India, it has a rich history and is most certainly a top tourist destination in India.

In the past it was an important port for spice trading being one of the first European colonies of colonial India. It was first occupied by the Portuguese, then by the Dutch who were followed by the British. The city not only has a mix of architecture, but it also presents a delightful blend of different cultures and religions.

Winter is a great time to visit Fort Kochi, so between October and February is the best time to be here. It is a huge city so I have not been able to visit all of its parts. However, from all the places I did visit here are some of the most amazing things one can do in Kochi.

Travel around by the Ferry

Kochi is divided by water bodies and there is an efficient and cheap way to get around the few islands. The most popular of these inter-island ferry services is the one called Junkar which runs between Fort Kochi and Vypeen. There are others from Ernakulam to Mattancherry, Fort Kochi, Vypeen and Willingdon Island. This is a great way to travel around and it takes even less time than buses and auto-rickshaws. Also the city offers private ferries for tourists which mostly connect to Kumbalangi Tourist Village, I have not been on this one as it is way more expensive than the public ferries.

Stay at Fort Kochi


Kochi is a huge city, there are many things to do and a range of places where one can stay and experience different parts of the city. I like to stay somewhere at Fort Kochi. Even though it is the most touristy location I have made a few friends in the area, it has some really beautiful buildings, you can walk by the beach and buy really cheap fish and shrimps.

Visit the Dutch Palace

The Dutch Palace is now more of a museum displaying the royals of Kochi. It was first constructed by the Portuguese sometime in 1560s, it was gifted to the Maharaja of Kochi.

Cochin Carnival is a great time to be in Kochi

Celebrated between December 20 and Jan 2 it is the biggest carnival in the city which initially started as the celebration for the Portuguese New Year. It has fancy dress parades, beach games which turn into beach parties in the night which makes it one of the largest celebration across India which ends with a Grand Parade on the first of Jan.

Take an auto-rickshaw ride around Fort Kochi


It might cost you about 100 to 150 rupees, depends on how good you bargain. This auto-rickshaw ride will take you on a small tour of some of the famous sites in Kochi. It is a short tour and the driver may take you to some shops urging you to buy unwanted memorabilia. However it is helpful to get a general idea of the area. This auto ride will take cover places like Jew Town, some churches and also the Dutch Palace.

Vypeen Island and Pallipuram Fort

The fort is  on the Vypeen Island which is close from Fort Kochi and also quaint and beautiful. This is a Portuguese fort which has now been converted into a heritage museum.

P.S. Sorry for the short break I was working on a new video.


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