Travel Inspiration: People

I knew I will meet many interesting people in my travels, you hear of this cliche over and over again before hitting the road and then again a few times after. It is a fact, but one thing no one ever told me was that these new people are just like the ones you left behind. I found them interesting because I chose not to ignore them and maybe on the road you learn a few things about fascination and give up on ignorance.

People have always inspired me to travel, from a 15 year old child to an old lady who barely spoke or even understood me. I gathered stories of happiness and sadness, of miracles and ghosts, of success and failure, of pleasure and pain, stories which made me laugh and cry. Stories are magical and people create this magic, maybe that story was fabricated out of thin air, maybe it was passed on for generations, maybe it was the truth, but I like to hear them for inspiration.

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As I was talking about people, I have also met some with whom I have disagreed and then after a few drinks that disagreement ushered into fights, then the next morning few became even better friends and never saw the other again.

Societies and cultures are built by people hence they are one of the biggest inspiration for every traveler.


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