A Guide to Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is a vibrant city and is a mixture of modern life and colonial architecture and ruins. It is the largest city in Sri Lanka, which is full of people and is the center of finance and commerce. The city was known to ancient traders from over 2,000 years, its natural harbour was known to Indians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Arabs and Chinese.

What I Learned About Colombo

This city is a mix of races, religions and cultures. It has a rich history of trade and commerce, playing an important role during the colonial era. As it is a busy city I won’t recommend spending a long time here, but do try out the Kottu from Pettah Market, I believe it is the best Kottu I’ve ever eaten.

Colombo Regal

Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and most likely be your entry point in Sri Lanka as its most popular international airport is located close to Negombo, north of Colombo. Most of the year the city has high temperature coupled with rainfall. This city has direct routes to all the major of destinations within the country.

When In Colombo

Mt Lavinia Beach

In the suburban part of Colombo there lies a beautiful beach where you can chill and enjoy a variety of delicious sea food.

Colombo Marine

 The Night Light

Colombo is modern city and it has an amazing night life, so do visit some clubs if you like to party.

Colombo National Museum

This museum has a brilliant collection on ancient paintings, sculptures and sketches which date back to 4th century BC.

The Temples

There many temples in Colombo, try not to miss even the smallest one. The most popular and venerable of all the temples in Colombo is the Gangarama Vihara.

Pettah Market

This is an open market in the suburb of Pettah you can buy almost anything here. Do visit one of the Kottu stalls in the market for a delicious lunch or a snack.

Colombo Marine Sea Face

Marine Drive

Just like the one in Mumbai, the Colombo marine drive is a great place for a walk by the sea.

Sporting Times Colombo

My Stay

The first time I was in Colombo I stayed at a place called Cozy Lanka Hotel and with a little haggling I got a great room for 1700 LKR a day.

On my way out I got a host on CouchSurfing.

Most Memorable Moments

  • A auto rickshaw ride through the city.
  • Walking by the Marine Drive.
  • Watching a IPL cricket match in a pub with the Lankas and cheering for the Mumbai Indians team.

If you have had some amazing experience in Colombo please leave them in the comments or let me know what place should I visit when I’m back in the city.


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