How to spend your weekend at Malshej Ghat

Rich with flora and fauna, Malshej Ghat is one of the few unspoilt weekend getaway in Maharashtra. This beautiful hill station is popular among hikers, trekkers, nature lovers and families. Malshej Ghat is known for its visit from migratory birds, nature trails, historical fort, a pleasant lake and its waterfalls during the monsoon. Continue reading How to spend your weekend at Malshej Ghat


A Guide to Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy is the cultural capital of Sri Lanka and the second largest city in the island country after Colombo. The city lies within the central province of Sri Lanka and is surrounded by hills from all around. It has small in size and has a pleasant climate which makes a much enjoyable city than Colombo.

This city was declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO 1988, it was the capital of the country before the colonial era when Kings still ruled the island. This city is a great place to experience culture, meet the people, taste the cuisine and experience the natural beauty of Sri Lanka.

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Things to do when in Colombo, Sri Lanka

A city well known by ancient traders for its natural harbour and popular in this new age for modernization with a mix of vivid cultures. Colombo is the heart of finance and commerce in Sri Lanka. It is also popular on the tourist map for its many sights, its unique culture and an entertaining night life.

In a previous post I tried my best to a create a quick guide on the Sri Lankan city of Colombo, now let me share with you guys some amazing things one can do when in Colombo. Continue reading Things to do when in Colombo, Sri Lanka

A Guide to Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is a vibrant city and is a mixture of modern life and colonial architecture and ruins. It is the largest city in Sri Lanka, which is full of people and is the center of finance and commerce. The city was known to ancient traders from over 2,000 years, its natural harbour was known to Indians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Arabs and Chinese.

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Things to do when in Kochi, Kerala

Kochi is a city in India in the southern state of Kerala and it is a part of the Ernakulam district. A major port city of the south western coast of India, it has a rich history and is most certainly a top tourist destination in India. Continue reading Things to do when in Kochi, Kerala

Why to visit Kerala and where to go?

Kerala is India’s most laid-back place and I have no doubts about it. Free from all the chaos found in other parts of the country, it is one of the most beautiful and progressive state in India.

The lush green backwaters, rice paddies stretching beyond the horizon, the refreshing coconut water and its cream, the spicy but delicious seafood cooked in coconut oil go extremely well with its huge crescent beaches, the fresh morning toddy, the azure sky followed by scenic sunsets and the quaint ex-colonial trading towns. Continue reading Why to visit Kerala and where to go?

Things to do when in Alleppey, Kerala

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha is a town in Kerala in southern India. Know for its scenic backwaters, Alleppey is also considered to be one of the oldest planned town in the region. Every tourist who has been to Kerala has been to Alleppey for its backwaters, more specifically all tourists have stayed in a boathouse which tours through the Alleppey backwaters. It is called the Venice of the East but that comparison does not make a lot of sense to me, as it is not its architecture but it natural beauty which attracts the tourists.

The town has been built between the beach and the backwaters, tooting green-yellow auto-rickshaws, jewellery shops, Keralan sweets and snacks stores, and a some canals running parallel to the streets sums up the town. Most of the guesthouses and restaurants are also in the town, but one should move away from it and head to the backwaters to breathe in the real Alleppey. Continue reading Things to do when in Alleppey, Kerala