A Town Painted Bhandara

A little over 40 kilometers away from Pune is the temple of Lord Khandoba in small town known as Jejuri. Lord Khandoba is given high reverence by the Dhangars which are an old Indian tribe of shepherds; the deity himself is a form of Lord Shiva and is considered to be the God for warriors are shepherds. This temple is visited by many Marathas as well as devotees from parts of Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka are known to make pilgrimages to Jejuri.

If you start from Pune a day is all you need for Jejuri. It does not have many hotels so staying here is not the best options. It can be reached by road or rail from Pune, there are many state transport buses and quite a few express trains which leave from Pune station.
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The boy who likes to dance

This story is of another child named Rahul and I met him in my home city, the city which never sleeps – Mumbai. I was with a friend, who also happens to capture brilliant photographs for a living. I met him at the Churchgate Railway Station, sometime early in the morning before the first local train begins its journey up north.

Well, me and Indra (he is the friend I mentioned before) decided to wanted to capture some street photographs in the night and we took a train to Churchgate, while. We spent a few hours walking around, clinking pictures of the silent streets in the night and then the busy Marine Drive.  Continue reading The boy who likes to dance

The boy with no Choice

I want to continue telling you stories behind some portraits I have captured over the last few years. I hope you enjoyed reading about Rahul in my last post. The protagonist of this story is Iqbal whom I met in Jaisalmer, a world heritage site, also known as ‘The Golden City’.

I knew little about Jaisalmer before arriving in the town early in the morning on the eve of sunrise. I had heard from a friend in Mumbai that it is a place worth visiting and he told me, ‘You should live inside the fort if your want to make the most out of it.’ So I did stay at an affordable backpacker lodge inside this architectural marvel. Continue reading The boy with no Choice

The boy on a Train

I entered the seater coach on a train from Udaipur to Ajmer so that I can finally get to Pushkar. There were a few empty seats on the train and it was a surprise because back in Mumbai the locals were the only affordable way to get around the city and they are always full of people.

But something did not feel right, I got weird looks from other passengers and I bet someone must have thought, ‘He looks weird, like someone who can’t be trusted.’ It could have been because I looked like shit. I was wearing a short white kurta, stained with dust, food and God knows what other mess people leave behind on those sleeper buses. My jeans had not been washed since a couple of weeks and on my back was the standard backpackers rucksack, a tripod and another bag over the front which I simply call the quick access bag and it includes an assortment of things like – my cellphone, change money, music player, a bottle of water, camera filters, wet tissues, deodorant, random magazines on travel or photography, my guide book, a miniature glow-in-the-dark T-Rex skeleton (which I got back in the days when McDonalds had newly opened in Pune and could be the very first happy meal toy I ever got), a pack of Benson Lights, a clipper and a few weirdly shaped and coloured rocks not bigger than the size of my toe nail. Now this bag is very important when you go backpacking, but that is for another story. Continue reading The boy on a Train

My time in Ooty. Part One

A peaceful abode in the Nilgiri Mountains, Ooty is known as the queen of mountains and it clearly lives up to its title. All around the town there are tea plantations and forests which are dominated by eucalyptus trees. One must definitely experience a walk through the tea plantations and a short trek in the forest.


Ooty has a lot more to offer than that though, there is a an amazing botanical garden, a small market started by the British bustling with meat, vegetable and fruit stores. A peaceful lake, picturesque landscapes, welcoming people and an uncertain climate which is mostly pleasant are just amongst a few things a backpacker can enjoy in the city. Continue reading My time in Ooty. Part One

Ooty (Udhagamandalam) is not just for Honeymooners

After running away from Bangalore I made my way to Ooty (Udhagamandalam) which is a beautiful hill station in the Nilgiri Mountain Ranges. It is also the district capital of Nigiri district in Tamil Nadu. While it is a native land to the Toda people, it later came under the rule of East India Company and has cherished by the British for its charm and quite.

SONY DSCMany things are a lot different in Ooty right now, while do you see some British architecture, the city is now mainly dominated uneven houses in different colors running up the hills. There is not even a hint of organized architecture, but it looks beautiful nonetheless. Continue reading Ooty (Udhagamandalam) is not just for Honeymooners

In and Out of Bangalore

After Rajasthan I did travel a little, but I was stuck in Mumbai for a really long time and my mind was in a desperate need for change. Bangalore (yet another city) was where I though I would find some change, and so I left Mumbai with a little money and high hopes of settling in Bangalore for a couple of months.


I was wrong.

Bangalore did not help me at all, I felt nothing different and I found no inspiration to pursue my photography. I do agree that I did not experience the life in Bangalore, I felt it is like Mumbai in Kannada but with a hell lot of traffic. One fine day, I left for Lalbagh Botanical Gardens and it took more than an hour to filter through the hardly moving traffic on a bike!

When I finally got there it was a treat, it is well maintained by Indian standards and while most of the attractions and nurseries were shut during my visit I still enjoyed my time in the park.

The other thing which I like in Bangalore was the pubs and micro-breweries. If you like beer, Bangalore is a great place to visit. The drinks are not very expensive and there is a variety of good delicious food available in most parts of the city.

That is all I have to say about Bengaluru, I did not like it much but then I do not like most cities.