Self-Enforced Isolation.


You lock yourselves inside a cage to feel secure, restricting the real self from understanding and experiencing new things. This successfully isolates your thoughts from the much larger and (maybe) stranger pool of ideas, thus barring creativity. Strangely this seems like an absolute for a normal life. But is it necessary?

*The make-up in this image was done using sandal wood tree paste and pink colored powder was used for the dust.


The Practice of Orthodoxy.

Triple Orthodoxy

An triptych which is inspired by the three monkeys and topped with some irony. All the photos were clicked in natural with an additional LED lamp placed on the right.
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Travel Inspiration: People

I knew I will meet many interesting people in my travels, you hear of this cliche over and over again before hitting the road and then again a few times after. It is a fact, but one thing no one ever told me was that these new people are just like the ones you left behind. I found them interesting because I chose not to ignore them and maybe on the road you learn a few things about fascination and give up on ignorance.

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Mumbai Sketch. Two. Kala Ghoda, Etc.

Mumbai is high on life and despite being a new city on the Indian map it now is one of the best metropolitan cities to live in. This most populous part of the nation even has a rich culture and his home to many artists. Continue reading Mumbai Sketch. Two. Kala Ghoda, Etc.