The Dust of Everyday Life #StreetsofPune


Captured the photograph at the Hadapsar Gliding Center in Pune. It is a great place to have a gliding experience and the only one of its kind in entirety of India.


The Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai #Pune


A photograph of the popular Mahatma Jyotiba Pule Mandai in Pune. This is one of the oldest vegetable market in Pune and many locals make a weekly visit to get good quality and fresh vegetables and fruits.

The Oldest Peth of Pune #StreetsofPune

In the heart of Pune, right next to the famous Shaniwar Wada lies the earliest settlement of the city. This settlement is Kasba Peth, which was first established back in the 5th century and today it is a historically significant part of the city which is in a state of decay. Kasba Peth once had the wadas of the most influential people of the city. Lal Mahal, the fortified residence of Shivaji, is also located in Kasba Peth.

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In Preparation of the Fair. #PhotoStory

This is a series of photographs which I captured through the afternoon at a local fair in Pune. The fair was part of the recent Navratri festival and while it came to full life in the evening I decided to shoot late in the afternoon just to capture the Carnies preparing for their carnival. Continue reading In Preparation of the Fair. #PhotoStory