The Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai #Pune


A photograph of the popular Mahatma Jyotiba Pule Mandai in Pune. This is one of the oldest vegetable market in Pune and many locals make a weekly visit to get good quality and fresh vegetables and fruits.


How to spend your weekend at Malshej Ghat

Rich with flora and fauna, Malshej Ghat is one of the few unspoilt weekend getaway in Maharashtra. This beautiful hill station is popular among hikers, trekkers, nature lovers and families. Malshej Ghat is known for its visit from migratory birds, nature trails, historical fort, a pleasant lake and its waterfalls during the monsoon. Continue reading How to spend your weekend at Malshej Ghat

Travel Inspiration: People

I knew I will meet many interesting people in my travels, you hear of this cliche over and over again before hitting the road and then again a few times after. It is a fact, but one thing no one ever told me was that these new people are just like the ones you left behind. I found them interesting because I chose not to ignore them and maybe on the road you learn a few things about fascination and give up on ignorance.

Continue reading Travel Inspiration: People

In Preparation of the Fair. #PhotoStory

This is a series of photographs which I captured through the afternoon at a local fair in Pune. The fair was part of the recent Navratri festival and while it came to full life in the evening I decided to shoot late in the afternoon just to capture the Carnies preparing for their carnival. Continue reading In Preparation of the Fair. #PhotoStory

Why to visit Kerala and where to go?

Kerala is India’s most laid-back place and I have no doubts about it. Free from all the chaos found in other parts of the country, it is one of the most beautiful and progressive state in India.

The lush green backwaters, rice paddies stretching beyond the horizon, the refreshing coconut water and its cream, the spicy but delicious seafood cooked in coconut oil go extremely well with its huge crescent beaches, the fresh morning toddy, the azure sky followed by scenic sunsets and the quaint ex-colonial trading towns. Continue reading Why to visit Kerala and where to go?

Photo Gallery – Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Photos I captured during my recent visit to Ooty a hill station in Tamil Nadu, India. Natural beauty, friendly people and the scent of eucalyptus are few of the many things Ooty has to offer. Continue reading Photo Gallery – Ooty, Tamil Nadu