The Oldest Peth of Pune #StreetsofPune

In the heart of Pune, right next to the famous Shaniwar Wada lies the earliest settlement of the city. This settlement is Kasba Peth, which was first established back in the 5th century and today it is a historically significant part of the city which is in a state of decay. Kasba Peth once had the wadas of the most influential people of the city. Lal Mahal, the fortified residence of Shivaji, is also located in Kasba Peth.

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In Preparation of the Fair. #PhotoStory

This is a series of photographs which I captured through the afternoon at a local fair in Pune. The fair was part of the recent Navratri festival and while it came to full life in the evening I decided to shoot late in the afternoon just to capture the Carnies preparing for their carnival. Continue reading In Preparation of the Fair. #PhotoStory

Mumbai Sketch. Three. Marking A Boat.

Last year I moved to a new apartment. Far away from my old neighborhood but a lot closer to an interesting beach. So every weekend I spend my evenings by the beach where I meet with locals and watch the sun drown in the ocean. On my last visit I met with a few locals who were busy marking their boat, so that the coast guard and others in the ocean know the home port of the fishing vessel. They wanted photographs of the boat and I wanted to photograph the boat. 😀

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Mumbai Sketch. Two. Kala Ghoda, Etc.

Mumbai is high on life and despite being a new city on the Indian map it now is one of the best metropolitan cities to live in. This most populous part of the nation even has a rich culture and his home to many artists. Continue reading Mumbai Sketch. Two. Kala Ghoda, Etc.

Photo Gallery – Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Photos I captured during my recent visit to Ooty a hill station in Tamil Nadu, India. Natural beauty, friendly people and the scent of eucalyptus are few of the many things Ooty has to offer. Continue reading Photo Gallery – Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Photo Gallery – Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Mandore Gardens

As you guys enjoyed the Pushkar Photo Gallery, here is another interesting photo gallery form my travels to Rajasthan. It is the city of Jodhpur, home to the might Mehrangarh Fort and the capital of the Marwar Kingdom. Continue reading Photo Gallery – Jodhpur, Rajasthan